About Our Club

The President of a Rotary Club is appointed for a 12 month period. In the same way that Rotary's International President chooses a theme for the year, a local Club President will often have a particular project that is pursued or commenced during the year. The President will be supported by a Board of Directors, meeting monthly in dealing with the business of the Club. The President and the Board take office on 1 July each year.


Our Past Presidents

2004-05   Gary Smith

2005-06   Brian Kennedy

2006-07   Brian Springer

2007-08   Julie Ferguson

2008-09   Peter Savage

2009-10   Don Richards

2010-11   Murtza Jaipurwala

2011-12   Christine Kennedy

2012-13   Marinus Laarburg/Peter Savage

2013-14   Bryan Galvin